Change your life with orgasmic meditation

About me

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Hello, my name is Aneka and I coach both men and women on sex, desire, and self-esteem. My work in these areas is founded on the philosophy of a practice I also teach, called Orgasmic Meditation. 

Orgasmic meditation or OM for short, is a 15-minute partnered practice that offers both men and women a unique way to explore their sexuality, connect with their bodies, and heal from the past. 

Primarily, OM works as a healing modality by shifting our understanding of orgasm – first by separating ‘sex’ and ‘orgasm’ and then further by differentiating ‘orgasm’ from ‘climax.’ Through the practice, far from simply being the peak of a sexual experience, orgasm becomes a source of vitality, a way to anchor into true desire and purpose, and a foundational way in which to stay connected to others.