Change your life with orgasmic meditation


Housewives Alchemy Coaching is a pleasure-based approach to personal development. It is coaching fuelled by the principles of Orgasm – pressure is taken off the goal and focus is placed on enjoying the journey to mastery.

The fundamental premise is that connection and pleasure are at the keys to fulfilment – what is the value of creating a career, realizing financial freedom, marrying someone you love, and raising a family, if you are too numb to actually experience the pleasure of the things you work hard for?

Many people get to the top of their careers, meet their money goals, or successfully raise children, only to be confronted by the question – “Is this it?” “Is that all?”

Fulfilment is a practice – one of slowing down, tuning in, connecting, and feeling. Achievement is deeply enriched by our ability to be present to receive our rewards.

It might sound simple enough but in our fast-paced tech-based world, we are often too busy switching between apps and handling all our commitments to take much notice of how far we come and recommit to where we are going by checking in with our desires.